Formal Dinner for All Warriors.  Induction of Warriors into the House of Warriors, House of Champions, and House of Meijin (Brilliant or Wise Person).  The criteria for each House will be published soon.  Also, we will host the first ever “Triple Threat Combat Games Championships”. 

It will consist of 3 fights during the Banquet to determine a Light, Middle, and Heavyweight Champion.  Each fight will consist of three rounds as follows:

First Round (1) in the Cage, MMA Rules, 4 Min;

After a 2 minute rest and change of gloves, the Second Round (2) will commence in the ring, Muay Thai Rules, 3 Min;

After a 2 minute rest and removing the gloves, the fighters will fight their third round (3) in the ring, Kyokushin Rules (Bare Knuckle), 3 Min. 

The fighter can only win by winning 2 of the 3 rounds or by tap-out or knockout. 

All fights will be considered Amateur and each fighter will be hand-picked.  The theme will be Team World vs Team USA.  

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